About Us

“You may not have heard of us; but, orderbolt have been exploring mobile convenience since 2011. This project is the direct result of countless tests, focus groups and sleepless nights.

No, we are certainly not attempting to garner sympathy, or even accolades…we simply want you to understand how passionate we are about what we do.

We also hope sharing our journey will compel some of you to join us. See, we will never be finished. Mobile technology is ever-evolving; and, as a result, the need for your feedback is paramount. The more we hear from you, good…or bad, the better the orderbolt product will become. So, let us here your voice!”

Who Uses orderbolt?

Property Managers

Keeping your information secure is our number one priority. orderbolt eliminates communication barriers while still keeping both parties information separate.
The orderbolt property manager information can be accessed and edited from your phone, computer or tablet.
You may be asking how we keep information accessible yet secure. Compartmentalization. By allowing you to set permissions for who uses the app and what information they can access orderbolt enables a seamless response to maintenance requests while keeping tenant information private. 


Keeping your information private and secure is our number one priority. The orderbolt requires a secure personalized log-in in order to access any information about you. In addition, each a unique QR Code is assigned to each and every residence.
Requesting maintenance is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Log-in
  2. Identify request
  3. Send
Asking for your sink to be fixed every month for 6 months is frustrating. With orderbolt you will have a record of each request, time stamped with all the information you entered about the issue.